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 Indulge in massage therapy treatments:

Swedish Massage-

Long flowing strokes soothe the body and bring peace and relaxation. The usual day spa experience

Deep tissue /Sports Massage-

A deeper massage with slower deliberate strokes to help break up scar tissue, create greater flexability and ease pain from injury, athletics and overuse. Also helps athletes get max performance from their bodies


Soothing foot and hand massage and acupressure that helps relieve pain and dis-ease in all areas of the body

Myofascial Release-

Gentle relief from pain and tightness. Great for Fibromyalgia and easing chronic pain.

Lymph Drainage-

A Slow type of massage that stimulates the immune system and help rid the body of toxins. Great for those with lupus, inflammation, fibromyalgia or anyone doing a detox.

Craniosacral Therapy-

A gentle type of bodywork that helps balance out the structure of the body. Excellent for sinus problems, eye/ear issues, ADHD, headaches, and more. Recommended for all ages.

Pregnancy/ Prenatal massage-

Helps relax mother and baby at this wonderful time. Helps with sciatica issues and other aches and pains. Certain points can also help induce labor if it's the final few weeks

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